Product Reviews

Superfrog blends pop, funk, jam and progressive rock in this addictive, head-bobbing collection.
Long –time pioneers in the English “prog rock” scene, Ozric Tentacles delivers another round of potent sonic exploration in this latest studio release.
Dubconscious’ Nonviolent is superb, well written, thoughtful, socially and environmentally conscious, and it deserves your attention.
Jeff Bujak has a knack for creating soundscapes that would seemingly demand the creative abilities of various musicians.
Laura Reed and Deep Pocket offer a spectacular collection of live tracks with this well-produced, eco-friendly package.
Bohemian Sunrise offers a refined, eclectic mix of soul music in this flexible, energetic disc.
Brainchild offers up an intriguing selection of psychedelic and jazz-tinged rock-n-roll in their studio debut, “One Word.”
Toubab Krewe presents an exotic collection of live tracks from a 2007 New Years run at Asheville’s beloved music venue, the Orange Peel.
Split Lip Rayfield’s “I’ll Be Around” serves up a delicious mixture of high, lonesome bluegrass and hillbilly throw-downs in this boisterous collection of tunes.
On the strength of their latest release, “Not as Far,” Three Legged Fox has poised themselves for wider national recognition with this mature, inspired collection of tracks.
TR3, with legendary guitarist and traveling gypsy Tim Reynolds leading the way, displays versatility and adaptability in a scintillating collection of songs called “Radiance.”
In releasing “The Mad Science,” ToasT has offered up a refined mix of funk, jazz, and jam that will please the discriminating lover of keyboards and guitar.