Product Reviews

It’s been three years since Perpetual Groove’s last release and “Heal” could be just what the doctor ordered.
Fiction 20 Down displays tasteful chops and smoldering guitar in this twelve song studio release.
This deluxe publication charts 35 years of Relix magazine as a unifying catalog for discerning Dead Heads.
This release combines Afro-Cuban groove and spectacular drum work to create a danceable, savory package.
Bassnectar dishes out a potent blend of drums, bass, and electricity, tickling your eardrums into submission.
Lubriphonic delivers an enthusiastic mix of bouncy horns, muscular guitar, and soulful vocals for this newest release.
Ten Years On marks a look back and a possible way forward for this uncanny funky foursome from Leeds, UK.
Clay Ross offers a bold selection of guitar prowess and excellent song-writing in “Matuto.”
Incorporating a wide range of influences, the Ragbirds deliver an arresting album full of exotic twists and varied styles.
Steez presents a muscular, energetic blend of funk, jam, and groove with “Creepfunk Crusade.”
“Live – Volume 1” combines classical music chops with a rowdy Irish spirit for truly remarkable results.
Featuring 6 varied, mood-changing songs on their new EP, Amy Hendrickson & the Prime Directive are poised for discovery.