Product Reviews

Shaggy Wonda offers an energetic romp through the realms of rock and funk with this spirited release.
SOJA’s latest album is an album worthy of hearing, amidst a stream of not-so-conscious Reggae that seems to be today’s norm.
Bearquarium administers a warm dosage of whiskey-soaked baritone and energetic horns with this latest release.
Cope offers a compelling mix of rollicking jams and thoughtful lyrics with the tracks of “Going Home.”
In utilizing screaming guitar and silky lyrics, “Freedom” is an excellent, energetic album with varied moods and styles.
The SKYS present a scintillating collection of electronic loops, savvy songwriting, and arresting melodies with this debut release.
Featuring sophisticated lyrics and interesting musical arrangements, “JMB” is stylish and satisfying.
The Max Allen Band delivers an exquisite blend of roots rock, jam and lyrical intelligence in this latest release.
It’s been three years since Perpetual Groove’s last release and “Heal” could be just what the doctor ordered.
Fiction 20 Down displays tasteful chops and smoldering guitar in this twelve song studio release.
This deluxe publication charts 35 years of Relix magazine as a unifying catalog for discerning Dead Heads.
This release combines Afro-Cuban groove and spectacular drum work to create a danceable, savory package.