Product Reviews

RoC is back with another stellar live collection that mixes reggae, rock and electronica.
Dangermuffin delivers an energetic, stirring album full of satisfying mood swings and soulful serenades.
A little Lube to help you dance?
Full of bluster, fat beats, and intricate arrangements, “Live in Wicker Park” proves to be an addictive shot of audio adrenaline.
By offering a great variety of moods and musical styles, HG9 is a lengthy, stylish compilation.
“Traveling Show” presents a charming collection of tracks that are fun and disarming in their honesty.
King for a Day employs guitar pyrotechnics and enthusiastic song craft to generate the crunchy, forward moving tracks of “Fortress.”
Featuring excellent instrumentation and emotional honesty, “To the Mountain” rollicks and rocks through its many different moods.
Fusing elements of “house” music, “break beats” and live expertise, “Live in Toronto” is addictive and satisfying.
Turtle Soup produces eleven tracks of elaborate gumbo for this savory, genre-bending release.
Big Something offers robust horns, layered jams and a new identity for this compelling studio release.
Keller Williams has made a nice career out of his many one-word-titled albums and constant touring regimen.