Product Reviews

The five tracks of “Treehouse” fuse elements of “livetronica,” “jam” and rock to make an expansive, addictive debut.
“Groovathon” offers 80 minutes of tight arrangements, intricate horns, and excellent compositions.
‘Crush’ is as fine a tribute as fans could hope for, and is an equally appropriate way to open the curtain to the ever evolving phase of Telepath’s career.
The Discordian Society offers tasty recipes, daring choices, and excellent keyboards and saxophone in the recipes of “Primordial Soup.”
Lizzy Ross delivers lovely, arresting vocals and assured songwriting in the twelve tracks of “Traces.”
“Choose the Music” offers twelve divergent tracks of sonically robust, “post modern” folk music.
With the release of the earthy, soulful “TK2,” Toubab Krewe has delivered an excellent album that will stoke the fires of its fan base.
Brushfire Stankgrass infuses traditional bluegrass foundations with modern sensibilities in “One for the Salamanders.
Green Hit presents an adventurous, yet rewarding mix of electronic music, world beat, and jazz with the 8 tracks of “Purpose.”
In celebrating Leftover Salmon’s 20 years together, “Twice In a Blue Moon” is a “must have” for the fan and collector.
RoC is back with another stellar live collection that mixes reggae, rock and electronica.
Dangermuffin delivers an energetic, stirring album full of satisfying mood swings and soulful serenades.