Product Reviews

Clay Ross offers a bold selection of guitar prowess and excellent song-writing in “Matuto.”
Incorporating a wide range of influences, the Ragbirds deliver an arresting album full of exotic twists and varied styles.
Steez presents a muscular, energetic blend of funk, jam, and groove with “Creepfunk Crusade.”
“Live – Volume 1” combines classical music chops with a rowdy Irish spirit for truly remarkable results.
Featuring 6 varied, mood-changing songs on their new EP, Amy Hendrickson & the Prime Directive are poised for discovery.
Cadillac Jones brings the throw down with this collection of spirited, energetic tracks.
The Odd Meters present an eclectic, refined combination of jazz, jam, and world music with this 2009 studio release.
Funkuponya’s debut explores the boundaries between funk and jam with a scintillating combination of keyboard and guitar.
New Monsoon is such an entertaining group in a live setting, and it’s good to hear their energy translate to a disc.
Steppin Razor dabbles in funk, roots rock and reggae to create an interesting, well-executed debut album.
The Lefty Williams Band spotlights scorching guitar, soulful lyrics, and wistful keyboard in their second studio release.
Blount Harvey delivers an infectious mix of hip-hop, rhythm and blues, and soul in this skillfully executed “live” recording from 2007.