Product Reviews

Jake Clayton offers dazzling, virtuosic musicianship in the 12 tracks of “Barnyard Stomp.”
UV Hippo dishes up a varied plate of guitar bravado and reflective sophistication in the ten tracks of “Square Pegs, Round Holes.”
Galactic’s latest release is a good example of why this funky crew’s live shows continue to draw crowds year after year.
"Sol: Volume Blue" blends a unique mix of archival blues recordings with down tempo electronic music to create a truly unique, original recording.
Brooklyn’s Turbine turns heads and exceeds all expectations with their latest release ‘Blue Light City’.
I must admit that I get a little overly excited whenever I hear that Thievery Corporation is touring, releasing a new album, or doing anything in a productive vein.
With more focus and clarity, Superfrog offers 13 sonically driven tracks from their 2010 release 'Call from the Moon'.
Venice Gas House Trolley incorporates elements of griot storytelling, art house rock, and political awareness in the 13 tracks of “Burst Open.”
The Manhattan Project dishes out addictive beats, tight percussion, and excellent keyboards on this 5 track EP.
“Polygraph” offers ten tracks of sterling keyboard, muscular guitar, and fun, energetic lyrics.
Dub Is a Weapon provides a potent mix in the nine tracks of “Vaporized.”
The Heavy Pets present an enticing, hook-laden package in this self-titled release.