Product Reviews

We all have heard the comparisons: Motown, Janis Joplin, Grace Potter, Aretha Franklin and the list goes on. I’m not here to tell you those comments are on the left, for they are most certainly right....
When jazz funk is played properly and soulfully, it is one of the greatest combinations of musicology, sound and rhythm. Despite the music theory, jazz funk at its finest just sounds and feels so, pardon my...
Change – To make or become different (verb). It’s a rarity for an album to have songs with vast differences in tone, instrumentation, method, tempo and direction without sounding like a CD compilation created...
The Floorboards CD
Life’s scars are thick sources of smoke and alcohol-stained wisdom on this self-titled album of alt-country by Virginia’s The Floorboards.
The Royal Noise - Unbreakable
The Royal Noise takes us on a time traveling adventure to a distant future where vehicles are flying, people are teleporting, holographic communication has taken precedent, and the soundtrack to our lives,...
Grant Farm
Grant Farm’s self-titled album is perfect Sunday morning listening, something to round out the weekend with foot stomping happiness.
Seasoned musicians, the Max Allen Band, drops beautiful eargasmic thunder sending electrical impulses through the body causing involuntary movement of body and limb, known to the rest as dance.
John Brown's Body - Kings and Queens CD
Ever the innovators in the reggae genre, John Brown’s Body continues in their tradition of reshaping a form that could easily stagnate and cycle back on old styles.
Les Racquet - Whale Hail
Featuring a remarkable combination of likable charm, soaring vocals, and robust compositions that blend genres in seamless ways, “Whale Hail” proves to be an excellent discovery.
Whitewater Ramble
Supported by the framework of producer Tim Carbone (Railroad Earth) and a list of guest musicians (among others, Leftover Salmon’s Andy Thorn on banjo and Infamous Stringdusters’ Andy Hall on dobro), Whitewater...
Rumpke Mountain Boys
Rumpke Mountain Boys craft a blend of bluegrass styles that are fun to listen to, filled with undeniable skill and genre wisdom, and that are wonderfully loose and alive.
After years of touring and recording, We Belong to the Love is live-recorded testament to a band that has carefully honed a sound both broadly inviting and consistently beautiful.