Product Reviews

With 8 tracks featuring precise interplay and intelligent electronic jams, Imperial Blend offers a compelling, addictive debut with “In the Earth.”
In offering charismatic vocals, funky overtures and soulful flourishes, the ten tracks of Doby’s self-titled album offer up a savory menu, joyful in its delivery.
The LA based Terpsichords is a four piece collective (guitar, bass, drums, and keys) that reaches into funk, blues, and rock inspirations, with a good dose of psychedelic elements and New Orleans influenced...
Three albums in, the lighthearted world spun by Cleveland, Ohio’s Joe Moorehead is perfect fodder for the warm breezes being swept in by these early Spring days.
The 5-tracks of “Between Earth & Outer Space” feature warm, engaging lyrics and a cerebral sense of storytelling, showcasing lonely figures on the perimeter of society who strive to fit in.
In offering up a dazzling blend of jazz-inspired, horn-driven funk and groove, Blue Mode’s release “Space Race” encapsulates a broad spectrum of different genres and then quite frankly, redefines them.
The 7 tracks of “Out of the Dark” from BYOG summon the spirit of the highway and road trips with its layered jams, strong guitar, and thoughtful, measured lyrics.
In blending various tender elements, cogent songwriting, and moments of guitar-infused bluster, Urban Soil’s debut “Dig Deeper” offers many different, satisfying styles to chew on.
With 13 diverse, dazzling tracks ranging from funk to Delta blues to soul, “Bass Treble Angel Devil” proves to be a dynamic release.
With 10 tracks of spirited guitar, confident vocals, and an elusive, wistful approach to songwriting, David Dixon’s self-titled album features many differing moods and styles of presentation.
With an alluring combination of smoky, guitar-driven funk and crooner’s soul, the seven tracks of the Heritage’s “Systematically” will prove to be a stellar, addictive introduction.
Mike LaBombard - Saxophones, Keyboards, Synths/Johan Harvey - Guitars/Rodrigo Pichardo - Bass/Aaron Zarrow - Drums/Andrew Toy - Drums