Product Reviews

A solid sophomore release that presents a style reminiscent to many classic rock standards and hooks that will have you humming along to them long after the album stops playing.
Papadosio - To End the Illusion of Separation
Papadosio’s new two disc release is destined to reap new fans and keep the band’s loyal base in a state of reverie.
Blue James Band - Give me the Love or Give me the Fight CD
In their third release, Blue James Band explores various genres and intertwines them neatly into a package that will appeal to seemingly disparate ears.
Medeski, Martin, & Wood - Free Magic CD
MMW must certainly know that their magic lies in their live performances, and so the release of Free Magic only makes sense as an addendum to the glory of their studio albums and the experience of seeing them...
Marco Benevento - TigerFace
The album is an appropriate addition to his previous work but it also offers an intriguing glimpse of something great that could have taken “Tigerface” in a whole new direction.
The New Mastersounds - Out on the Faultline CD
The eighth studio release by The New Mastersounds is everything you hoped it would be - Funky, masterful and timeless.
The Deluge - Elephant Graveyard CD
Sounding like a lesson in merging the blues with funk, jam rock, and an occasional tasty jazz lick for garnish, Elephant Graveyard is a sophomore album worthy of pride.
Mac & Juice - Step Into the Light CD
By highlighting sterling guitar and soulful lyrics against a backdrop of R&B, rock, and country, “Step Into the Light” offers alternating moments of introspection, fun, and hilarity in its 11 tracks.
Les Racquet - Be Water My Friend CD
Brooklyn-based Les Racquet’s newly released EP is an exciting introduction to this power trio, a group that exists in a realm somewhere outside the limits of most power trios that likely come to mind.
Boston Horns - Funkafized Plus CD
Funkafized Plus is one of those albums that a funk/soul-happy listener cannot ignore.
ALO - Sounds Like This CD
ALO's latest release offers many rewards for the adventurous listener and it is by far their most ambitious album in years.
Chasing Edison CDs
Over the span of three years, Chasing Edison has released two EPs and one LP that show the evolution of a band with the chops to make a name for itself.