Marco Benevento - TigerFace

The album is an appropriate addition to his previous work but it also offers an intriguing glimpse of something great that could have taken “Tigerface” in a whole new direction.
The CD opens with "Limbs of a Pine" featuring Kalmia Traver (Rubblebucket) on vocals. It begins as a lively dance groove and then gradually starts to become a little more experimental mid way through, a dance beat set to avant-garde jazz. It’s very refreshing to hear Traver in a setting such as this. Benevento couldn't have picked a better vocalist to compliment his musical style."This is How It Goes", a spacey pop song, is by far the best track on the album. Sadly, this is also the last track featuring Traver or any other guest vocal appearances. I’m fully aware that this is the first Benevento album to feature vocals and that I shouldn't be surprised or disappointed that the rest of the tracks are instrumental. It’s just that the first two opening songs showed so much promise and excitement I couldn't help but feel a little disappointed. It just leaves me with the feeling that the rest of the album is incomplete. Marco Benevento is a very talented musician but most of his studio work is a little hard for me to digest. I find his music much more enjoyable in a live setting but at the same time I'm not that impressed when I hear the pre-recorded vocal stuff on stage. Traver may lure in some new passengers but it’s doubtful that they will enjoy the rest of the ride. I would only recommend “TigerFace” to die hard Benevento fans only. 
- Simon Eddie