Home Grown Reps

HOME GROWN REPS can be anyone who loves music and the ideas behind the Home Grown Music Network. We need fun, motivated, friendly people to help us spread the word about Home Grown. Being a Home Grown Rep is a great opportunity to get involved in the music industry, build your resume, learn about new bands, and be a part of the growing Home Grown movement. Help out our member bands by promoting upcoming shows in your market!

If you are interested in our program, we encourage you to explore the links on the right. There, you will discover ways to spread the word about Home Grown Music, perks of being a HG Rep, and an online application to join the team.

Of course there are perks for being a Home Grown Rep.

  • You'll be one of the first to know about great new bands!
  • Being a Home Grown Rep looks good on your resume!
  • You'll get your foot in the door to the music industry!
  • You'll meet lots of cool people!
  • We'll recommend you to the Home Grown Bands - they may need your help putting up flyers and spreading the word when they come to play in your town. In return they may give you free passes to shows, CDs or other goodies!
  • If you're really good you may be asked to come to work for Home Grown or one of the Home Grown Bands!
  • Reps receive wholesale discounts on all Home Grown products! You can make money re-selling great CDs, or you can invest more in your own personal collection. (orders must be placed over the telephone in order to receive discount)

Spreading the Word

There are many ways you can help us spread the word about the great bands we work with. You can start by telling all of your friends about the Home Grown bands. Play some of our CDs for them. Convince them to go see a show from a Home Grown band. Tell them how to order products or get on our mailing list. The Home Grown Music Network is a network of people. You'll strengthen the network and help it grow by increasing the number of people who are aware of it. The more people that are aware of this great music, the more likely these bands will be able to continue making it!


  • Talk about Home Grown Music to people online. Encourage them to visit www.HomeGrownMusic.net
  • Post your favorite stories on your Facebook page, DIGG and other social sites.
  • Request links on other sites that may appeal to fans of great music.
  • Suggest that your friends and other music fans to stay up to date by subscribing to our weekly newsletter.
  • Send us reviews of shows you attend or CDs you like, we’ll spread your writing to hundreds of fans!


  • Give us a list of your local stores and tell us about them.
  • Ask your local stores to carry the Home Grown Compilations & CDs from our bands - if the folks working at the store don’t know about Home Grown - TELL THEM!
  • Encourage the store to set up Home Grown sections & hang up our posters.
  • Check back with the stores periodically and make sure our products are in stock.


  • Let us know if there are any music related publications in your area.
  • Encourage your local paper to do a review or article about the HG Network.
  • Get involved with your student paper or find someone who is. Get them to review our CDs or write a feature on the Home Grown movement.


  • Where are the best places to hear good music in your town? Tell us about them: type of bands they have, people who hang out there, capacity etc...
  • Find out who books the bands and let them know that we can make their job easier by providing them with booking info for all of our bands!
  • We’re always looking for kind venues that would benefit from our Venue Affiliate Network
  • Ask these places to put Home Grown Music in their juke boxesg
  • Put out our flyers, posters and catalogs wherever they might get noticed and appreciated.


  • Call and request music from Home Grown CDs or bands if they’re not familiar with us - have them give us a call and we’ll send them some CDs. We’re especially looking for stations that will play good independent music - college stations and specialty shows are good places to start.


  • These places are full of guys & gals looking for great music. Put out our flyers, posters and catalogs where they’ll get noticed many groups like this often look for bands to play their events and parties. We can help them get some of the best live bands in the country!


  • Get involved with the committee that decides what bands come to play at your school we’ll make your job easy by helping you contact any of the Home Grown Bands Imagine a Home Grown Show with lots of jamming bands playing on campus!


  • Tell the whole floor about Home Grown. Give out our catalogs and get everybody to go see the bands!