Papadosio - To End the Illusion of Separation

Papadosio’s new two disc release is destined to reap new fans and keep the band’s loyal base in a state of reverie.

Anyone who has paid any attention to Papadosio’s growth knows how a hit or two of their sound textures has the tendency to expand the listener’s brain as those sounds seep in.  To End the Illusion of Separation (T.E.T.I.O.S.) is no exception. T.E.T.I.O.S. is a magical merging of new material, songs that have been honed in the live setting, and accompanying visual candy (created by like-minded artists), all to expose the reality that the universe’s constituents are more similar than most might like to believe.

How does an album tackle the idea that all of existence is of one body? One of the best examples is exposed on the second track (“We are Water”). This track speaks of a study that shows how water can be changed molecularly, through the efforts of humans simply selectively sending out good or bad-intentioned thoughts and words. Supposedly, studies have shown, the water actually changes, according to the lean of the person sending out said intentions. As with any study, there are obviously skeptics who have performed studies to debunk this conclusion, but it’s a wonderful possibility. We know that water affects humans (go a couple days without drinking anything), so imagine the possibilities of a world where our moods are so powerful that a focused mental effort might change the planet.

Of course, most people don’t look to a band solely for their philosophical musings. Papadosio’s members could release a book, and that would suffice for an examination in that regard. Papadosio’s synth-packed music is the type that is irresistibly dance invoking, and (in the right head) it can trigger psychedelic episodes on par with the best ingestible options. Their sound isn’t a light meal, by any means. Their rhythms and melodies flow attentively, and their words are equally hard thought. Fluff simply isn’t part of Papadosio’s vocabulary.

In a market of fast and easily categorized/marketable releases, T.E.T.I.O.S. takes a risk that should sprout bountifully. Maybe you’ll like this album for the realizations it sparks, and maybe you’ll like it simply because it plugs into your musical G-spot. Regardless, you’re going to come away from the experience with a new appreciation for this band, the universe, and (hopefully) your place within the larger scheme.

- Jeremy Sanchez