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Having seemingly fostered its own community within the tight-knit Ithaca, NY music scene, SoulForce appropriately reflects Thousands of One’s collaborative, socially oriented outlook.
The news on Cure All is how different it is from the Stanton Moore Trio, which prominently features soul-jazz organ player Robert Walter as well.
Scythian brings first-generation authenticity to their unique hodgepodge of Irish, Celtic, klezmer, and gypsy influences.
From the moment laser hits plastic on Turbine's second disc, Reward, the listener is barraged with frenetic tempos, breakneck instrumental breakdowns, and smartly layered vocal harmonies.
A graceful record, and a credit to the durability of Fela Kuti’s seminal genre.
Laura Reed & Deep Pocket’s soul:music is so recognizable and so effortless that it’s hard to imagine it’s the Asheville, North Carolina group’s debut album.
Children’s music isn’t just about children anymore.
The Ragbirds hail from Ann Arbor, Michigan, and while the Irish Hills might not be too far away, there's no pigeonholing this group. On their second album, Wanderlove, the quartet takes listeners on a...
A few short taps on the gate and they're off - and the rodeo clowns better get the heck out of the way, this bronc is WILD! Occasionally I miss my former occupation as a rock critic, and the other day was...
Jeff Bujak - Building: An Arsenal
Jeff Bujak is gradually and carefully creating his own musical world. It's clear from the first track of his new CD, Building: An Arsenal, that there are countless ideas just zinging around in this guy...
First some personal background - My first Grateful Dead Show was in July of '72, my first Zen Tricksters Show was, as far as I can recollect, in early 1991. My last Dead Show was in 1990, the Zen Trickster...
Asheville has a glorious 9-piece afrobeat ensemble and this is their incredible debut. Led by Ivory Coast's Kevin Meyame, the dancer, djembe player and percussionist also sings in French, English and his...