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As impressive as The Bridge has been over the course of their brief career, it seems we're just seeing the surface of what they can do.
Sol Driven Train will change your mood for the better, even if you're already perfectly content.
Ray LaMontagne's latest starts with a blast of soulful horns and a sultry rhythm, but that's by no means an indicator of what follows.
Connecticut's Stanley Maxwell has one aspect of being a band nailed down: they're named after a dude, but not a dude in the band, and a possibly fictional dude at that.
Very often a band's second album is the do or die point, especially in the here-today-gone-tomorrow world we live in.
I haven't met too many Talkdemonic fans personally, but the band's supporters must be out there somewhere, because their new album sold out of its first pressing in a week.
Fiddleworms hail from Muscle Shoals, Alabama, and their breakthrough album, Volkswagen Catfish, has arrived.
BuzzUniverse is keeping the wide-open spirit of live music alive with their latest release, LiveVibes at the Donegal Saloon.
How much funk is too much?
Though based in the northeast, Charlie Wheeler Band populates some of the same musical terrain as The Allman Brothers Band, Gov't Mule, and Drive-By Truckers – a rock sound firmly planted in the blues and...
Though they've spawned a litany of imitators over the span of their lengthy career, there's no mistaking the sound of MMW.
Staying under the music world's radar while also being incredibly prolific, "Tiedye" Keith has released a career's worth of albums in just a few years.