The Disco Biscuits

Crawling out of the thick electronic ooze with a sublime mix of eternity-tickling guitars, elliptical pop hooks, epic rock progressions and swirling seas of spacey jazz-dub fury, The Disco Biscuits are drawing up the blueprints for a new musical architecture.

Applying their bizzare spin to electronica, these bionic pop-composers are cruising warp-speed ahead through dance music's maddening maze - folding disco, house, techno, and dub modes into their shape-shifting soundscapes.

"The world's most ragingly experimental beat-saavy quartet...The Biscuits are spearheading an entire generation of beatwise improvisers...Sure, other improv-oriented acts have dabbled in dance music over the years...but the Biscuits have channeled this fusion into a bona-fide subculture." - SPIN

"They're taking the jamband scene to rave new worlds." - Entertainment Weekly

Progressive Rock