Jam In The Dam DVD

This film is the first time capsule of the jam music scene, much like the Woodstock film was a time capsule of the counter-culture scene. This 2 DVD set contains over 3 hours of music from the scene's premier bands.

Umphrey's McGee, Keller Williams, The Disco Biscuits and Particle have all been captured at the first annual "Jam In the 'Dam" from the legendary Melkweg in Amsterdam, Holland in March of 2005. Each band is featured with 35 to over 50 minutes of live music.

This is some of the last video documentation of both Particle and The Disco Biscuits before both bands changed their rosters. Most notably, this is more than just a live concert video. This is a film with a story. It features a highly interactive DVD menu with over 40 minutes of intimate interviews in unique settings. All four bands discuss their philosophies on music, their scene and their observations on visiting the great city of Amsterdam. There are also 2 bonus slideshows and a special coffeeshop featurette. This DVD will appeal to jam band aficionados and mainstream music lovers alike as the band's searing performances are backed up by plenty of insight into the musicians and location.

Click Here to see an e-card with previews of every band!Songs:

Umphrey's McGee: Believe the Lie, Hurt Bird Bath, Uncle Wally, JaJunk

Particle: King Hassan, Ed and Molly, Zia, Mind over Matter

Keller: Play This, Stupid Questions, Dance of the Freek> Freeker, Breathe

tDB: Jigsaw Earth, Aceetobee, Home Again

Released 4/4/06