The Disco Biscuits - Camp Bisco 4: The Trance-Formation (2 DVDs)


Chris Lonergan and Cadence Video have produced an amazing movie documenting Sam Altman's last shows with the Disco Biscuits on August 26 & 27, 2005. The main disc of this two disc set is a feature length combination of live show and interview footage that gives a very emotional account of the bands perception of the Trance-Formation. These incredible interviews include all four original members of the band talking about the past, the present, and the future. Cadence Video has produced an unbelievable keepsake for those fans of TDB who have dedicated so much time and energy into being a fan of the Biscuits.

This DVD is being released by Diamond Riggs Records as a limited edition product. There will only 3000 copies made available and there will be no reprints. This is a one-time deal.

There is a bonus disc of 2 hours of the best uncut live music from Camp, which was carefully selected by the band and the producers.

The band relates, "It was very important for us to try to capture the emotion of the event on the DVD, and Cadence Video has succeeded in that task many times over. We have viewed this DVD several times and there is a lot of humor, excitement, and mind-blowing music, but one thing is for sure, there has not been a dry eye in the house by the time the DVD ends, just the same as when Camp ended for us, closing out an era that will not soon be forgotten."

Disc 1:

Highwire 5:15
Aceetobee Jam > 4:01
Nughuffer > 23:04
Aceetobee 4:33
Caterpillar 15:09
Mindless Dribble 12:33
Above The Waves > 18:09
I-Man 9:36
Floes 14:22
Salute To Sammy 12:49

Disc 2:

Crowd 2:09
Astronaut > 13:35
Shem Rah-Boo > 10:32
Astronaut > 10:21
Stone > Devil's Waltz > 21:35
Save The Robots > 25:23
Hot Air Balloon 25:45
World Is Spinning 18:14

Released May 2006