Electric Soul Pandemic - Communications CD

Electric Soul Pandemic (ESP) is a psychedelic rock quintet from Greensboro, North Carolina that specializes in soaring, exploratory jams. Featuring the sonic interplay of dual guitars, the swirl of a howling Moog, and the confident backbone of drum and bass, ESP has fine tuned their sound and cut their teeth in the North Carolina "jam" and festival scene over the last few years. The tracks found on 2013's "Communications," the band's studio debut, feature lush, layered jams from the band's live shows, splashing them with funk, jam and the spirit of free-form improvisation. ESP pulls from different moods and genres in creating their recipes and will prove to be a revelation to both the first-time listener and the established fan.

Track list:
1. Superstar listen
2. Rundown listen
3. Set You Free listen
4. Breeze listen
5. Elk Park listen
6. Funky Confusion listen
7. Kazak listen

Tracks 1,2,4,5&7 feature Casey Cranford of BIG Something on sax &/or EWI.
Released in October 2013