The Disco Biscuits - The Wind At Four To Fly (2 live CDs)


The Wind At Four To Fly could be the best officially-released representation of the power of The Disco Biscuits. Expansive and appealing, this 2-CD set catches the band at their best - performing live. Recorded at a handful of shows just after drummer Sam Altman announced he was leaving the band, the music captured here displays the band's vigorous, inspired playing in the wake of the announcement. With one disc of concise constructions like "World Is Spinning" and "Kitchen Mitts" and another disc of all-out trance-fusion mayhem including a gargantuan "Basis For A Day," this set reflects the many angles from which TDB approach their brand of music. With superior sound quality, wildly colorful artwork and packaging, a satisfying track list, and raging performances inspired by Sammy's last stand, The Wind At Four To Fly serves as a wonderful look back at the band's past and builds anticipation for their future.

Disc 1:
1- World Is Spinning mp3
2- Voices Insane mp3
3- Caterpillar mp3
4- Kitchen Mitts mp3
5- Sweating Bullets mp3
6- Wet mp3
7- Spy mp3
8- Morph Dusseldorf mp3

Disc 2:
1- Story Of The World
2- Basis For A Day
3- Little Shimmy In A Conga Line
4- Pat & Dex

Released 4/18/06