The Disco Biscuits - Planet Anthem CD


The Disco Biscuits are an entirely different band today than they were when they first broke out of Philadelphia in the mid-90s.The Disco Biscuits are still very much the pioneers of "trance-fusion," bridging the gap between electronic music and jam bands. After spending the past three years in the studio during breaks in touring they've resurfaced with 'Planet Anthem,' a CD that is undeniably unlike anything else they've ever created before.

1. Loose Change listen
2. On Time listen
3. Widgets listen
4. You And I listen
5. Konkrete listen
6. Uber Glue listen
7. Rain Song listen
8. Fish Out Of Water listen
9. Sweatbox listen
10. The City listen
11. Big Wrecking Ball listen
12. Save Your Soul listen
13. Vacation listen
14. Camouflage Soul listen

Released 03.16.2010