The Disco Biscuits - Rocket 3 CD


Rocket 3 is the entire third set of the Biscuits 2004 New Years Eve performance in New York City. Widely regarded as one of the best sets of music the band has played in years, this limited-edition three song collection is as much a nod to the past as it is a glimpse into the future. Featuring an awe-inspiring 30 minute version of "Magellan" and a "Frog Legs" that segues nicely into the second half of "Crickets", this CD is most certainly all about the improvisation. These tracks, originally considered for release on the April 2006 double live album The Wind at Four to Fly were moved to the cutting room floor when it was decided that a 70-minute 2 and a 1/2-song CD would not be well received at retail. However, the CD has received new life as a result of the many requests from Disco Biscuits fans that this be released in the crystal clear quality that can be expected of all Diamond Riggs live CD's.

1- Magellan
2- Frog Legs >
3- Crickets
4- Hope

Released 11/14/06