Sugar Free Allstars - Dos Machos CD

Imagine that Deep Purple and Sly and the Family Stone had a love child that grew up in New Orleans listening to Ray Charles, Black Sabbath and Booker T. That love child would be the Sugar Free Allstars. This funky, organ-rock duo is sometimes hard to define because of its various musical influences and unusual instrumentation. They swing from New Orleans second-line to Memphis soul funk to Hammond B3 drenched gospel to straight up Rock and Roll within seconds, all with a touch of pop songwriting sensibilities.

On Hammond B-3 and lead vocals is Chris Wiser. Wiser pulls multiple duties in this outfit as he covers bass lines on the B-3 while cranking out Maceo Parker-style saxophone solos. His witty, sometimes goofy lyrics combined with the sound of the organ creates a Ben Folds meets Booker T vibe that cannot be denied. On the drums is Rob (Dr. Rock) Martin. Martin lays down a rock-solid beat that gets the dancers on the floor and keeps heads a-boppin' and hips a shakin' all night. His no-nonsense, laid back style allows for jam sections from time to time and is a perfect fit for this groove-oriented crew.

1 Cover Band Boyfriend mp3
2 Buddhist In A Beemer mp3
3 The Way That It Goes mp3
4 Bender to Ender mp3
5 Cornbread mp3
6 Should'a Come Over mp3
7 My Key mp3
8 Great Big Car mp3
9 The Way That I Felt Today
10 Ain't No Crime

Released 2004