Sugar Free Allstars - Dos Ninos CD

SFA is back again, this time with a children's album. For years kids have been latching on to this funky organ/drum duo and now they have a CD just for them! This release is filled with fun and funky songs about petting zoos, grandparents, kitty cats, taking baths and all sorts of other kid stuff. Every bit as groovy and funky as their other releases, Dos Ninos promises to be just as entertaining to adults, whether they have children or not, as the rest of the SFA catalog.

1. Bathtub Boy mp3
2. He's Okay (The Spider Song) mp3
3. Poppy and Meemaw mp3
4. Petting Zoo mp3
5. It's P. Kitty Time
6. Banana Pudding
7. Stinky
8. Buck Up Little Camper

Released August 2007