RJD2 - The Third Hand CD

Catapulted to notoriety, fame, and serious hip-hop credibility with 2002's Dead Ringer LP, Philadelphia based DJ and multi-instrumentalist RJD2 has enjoyed a thoroughly prolific career; following that debut album with 2004's critically acclaimed Since We Last Spoke. For The Third Hand, RJD2 seemingly abandons all the notions and titles that have been placed upon him over the past five years. Underground hip-hop super-producer to some, virtuoso sample-based instrumental wizard to others, RJD2 embodies all of these things on The Third Hand but placates none who seek more of the same. Recorded, performed, arranged, and produced entirely by himself in his basement studio, RJD2 commands his trusty MPC 2000XL sampler/sequencer alongside analog synths, electric pianos and guitars, not to mention his own voice. The result is a cohesive pop album in the most classic sense, a sound more akin to Phoenix than Prefuse 73. In essence, this is RJD2's entrance into the continuum of enigmatic songwriter/producers (see Jon Brion, Brian Wilson, Stevie Wonder) capable of creating a record full of rich songwriting, complex arrangements, and clever production that transcends genre.

1. Intro mp3
2. You Never Had It So Good mp3
3. Have Mercy mp3
4. Reality mp3
5. Work It Out mp3
6. Laws of the Gods mp3
7. Get It mp3
8. Someday mp3
9. The Bad Penny mp3
10. Beyond the Beyond mp3
11. Sweet Piece
12. Rules For Normal Living
13. Paper Bubble
14. Just When
15. The Evening Gospel

Released March 6, 2007