RJD2 - Magnificent City Instrumentals CD


After the release of RJD2 & Aceyalone's Magnificent City, critics and fans were unanimous in saluting RJD2's bold and ambitious production. This album gives you the bedrock - the beats and cinematic atmospheres that stand just as well on their own. The success of this album is in the diversity of moods explored. There's everything from classic Deadringer-era RJ beats, to darker, pounding rhythms, to the aforementioned cinematic style that RJD2 recently developed. Attention to detail is key in this addictive sound!

All For U mp3
Fire mp3
Cornbread, Eddie & Me mp3
Mooore mp3
Supahero mp3
High Lights mp3
Disconnected mp3
Caged Bird mp3
Solomon Jones mp3
Sunday Mystery mp3
Junior mp3
Heaven mp3
Here & Now mp3
Beautiful Mine mp3

Released May 2, 2006