RJD2 - Since We Last Spoke CD

On his second full-length album, the East Coast hip-hop luminary RJD2 does for vintage rock what he did for vintage funk on his auspicious debut,Deadringer. He cuts it up, filters it through a DJ sensibility, and rearranges it into something that's undeniably greater than the sum of its parts. Where Deadringer's samples were mostly R&B-based, here "Someone's Second Kiss" mixes breathy vocal samples with ethereal guitar against a rock backdrop, while "Exotic Talk" sounds like a neighborhood garage band rehearsing in their parents' basement with a laptop and an improbably cool flute player. RJD2 hasn't abandoned R&B, though--"Clean Living" nimbly conceals what sounds like a guitar part from Sly & the Family Stone's "Family Affair" among the funk fragments, while "1976" is intriguing quasi-European disco. But just when you think you've got this hip-hop chameleon's number, he hits you with "Through the Walls," its spaced-out vocal placed, karaoke-like, in a power-pop setting. With Since We Last Spoke, RJD2 continues to redefine the role of DJ as solo performer.

1. Since We Last Spoke mp3
2. Exotic Talk mp3
3. 1976 mp3
4. Ring Finger mp3
5. Making Days Longer mp3
6. Someone's Second Kiss mp3
7. To All Of You mp3
8. Clean Living mp3
9. Iced Lightning mp3
10. Intro mp3
11. Through The Walls mp3
12. One Day mp3

Released May 2004