RJD2 - The Horror (2 CDs)

You won't believe these beats come out of this "DJ" from Ohio! Easily strolling beyond mere turntablism and sampling, RJD2's creations have much more in common with the soul, funk, jazz, hip-hop, R&B, electronic, and rock elements they are comprised of as opposed to what one would expect from a DJ. It's not uncommon for new listeners to be unaware that they are even listening to a DJ creation, because RJD2's compositions carry the musical sophistication and emotional weight of a human band. On The Horror, grooving horn-blasted funk finds a spot next to darker street beats, which are just a couple of the many styles employed here. Simply amazing beat-mining by RJD2!

The Horror is a collection of 10 tracks. Some are remixes, while others are new. The bonus multimedia disc includes live footage from San Francisco and New York, an animated clip for "The Horror" and a making-of video, and a photo gallery.

1. Horror, The mp3
2. Ghostwriter - (remix) mp3
3. Final Frontier - (remix) mp3
4. Bus Stop Bitties mp3
5. Good Times Roll Pt. 1 mp3
6. Sell The World mp3
7. June Remix mp3
8. Counseling - (inst.) mp3
9. Final Frontier - (inst.) mp3
10. F.H.H. - (inst.) mp3

Released April 2003