HOBEX - Back in the 90s CD

Writing and arranging songs like he's the godchild of Al Green and Alex Chilton, singer-songwriter/guitarist Greg Humphreys has happened on a sound that, from the first note, crackles with freshness and inspiration... Most musicians quickly figure out how to borrow from the masters, but only a few are talented enough to listen and learn a thing or two. - Michael Lipton, LA WEEKLY

In their loping bass lines, chicken-scratch guitar lines, and high-soaring harmonies you can hear the hit-making instincts of Motown, the loose, raw energy of Stax, and the grab bag of influences - gospel, pop, blues, rock - of Sly Stone and P-Funk. - Mark Jordan, MEMPHIS FLYER

Track List:
1. Back in the 90's listen
2. Groove Baby listen
3. Don't Tread listen
4. Windows listen
5. I Was Wrong listen
6. Solaar listen
7. Onto Something listen
8. Comment Tu T'Appelle listen
9. My Moonshine listen
10. I Stopped Waiting listen
11. Am I Losing My Mind listen
12. Go Slow - It Pains Me listen

Released in 1998