HOBEX - Payback EP CD

There must be some crazy funk juices making their way into the Chapel Hill, NC water supply! I'm serious. There could be no other explanation for the transformation of three white UNC kids into authentic 60s-style soul crooners. Greg Humphreys is showing some real soul glow. These guys are incredible! The rhythms are smooth and the vocals are rich and creamy. The style is from the all-time soul greats (Al Green, James Brown, etc.) but manages to maintain its individuality. This is by far a must for anyone who thought white boys and soul were as incompatible as pickles and ice cream...this will enlighten you! - Jason Civjan, TECHNIQUE

Track List:
Let Me Live listen
Rollin' listen
Cutthroat listen
Moneybaby listen
Feelin' A Little Down listen
Don't Even Say... listen

Released in 1996