HOBEX - U Ready Man? CD

HOBEX is everything I like about the sweet soul music of Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Al Green and Curtis Mayfield. Vocalist Greg Humphreys takes the best of Gospel R&B, puts a tight funk band behind it, and created modern soul music. - Ted Kartzman, JAMBASE

I have a friend, Larry Katz, who is the music columnist for the local newspaper. About every three months we get together and play each other our latest "disc-ovaries." Last year, he turned me onto this Southern band called HOBEX. They are just amazing. True underdogs! - Al Kooper, MOJO MAGAZINE
1. Maybe Its Me listen
2. So Far Away listen
3. Playin' Games listen
4. Ode To Billy G listen
5. My Little Lady listen
6. Baby's Gone Away listen
7. Blue Town Tonight listen
8. Oh, Yeah! listen
9. Why Can't We Try listen
10. The Quiet One listen
11. He Did Mention You listen
12. You Had To Tell listen
13. Ken's Burn listen
14. Soul Food listen
15. U Ready, Man? listen

Released in 2002