HOBEX - Enlightened Soul CD

HOBEX returns with Enlightened Soul, a 10-track corker that draws from summer-y pop, Philly soul, the world-weary wisdom of Donny Hathaway and Bill Withers, and even '70s California country rock. Hobex is a descendent of groups like Rare Earth, Eric Burdon and War, and Traci Nelson and Mother Earth -- loose, life-loving aggregates that revealed rock's hips and threw grit into soul's smoothness. Everything is played from the heart, which unifies the genre hopping. Like their predecessors, Hobex actively avoids imitation while allowing themselves to be inspired by anything. - Dennis Cook, HONEST TUNE

Track List
1. Free the Music listen
2. Don't Waste Your Time (In Falling in Love) listen
3. Man and a Woman listen
4. Behind the Door listen
5. I'm Not Ashamed listen
6. You Set Me Free listen
7. Hold Tight! listen
8. Enlightened Soul listen
9. Push it of that Hill listen
10. Natural Child listen

Released in 2007