Cornmeal - Live in Chicago Vol 2 CD

Released in March 2010, Cornmeal's 'Live in Chicago, IL Vol. 1' showcased many of the band's highlights during their 2009 winter run at Martyrs'. The album, dedicated to an ever-growing legion of devoted fans, displayed the efforts of a band in its prime - fully committed and full of fire. 'Live in Chicago, IL Vol. 2' is the continuation of those efforts, and gives us another glimpse of Cornmeal's relentless approach to live performance and the contemporary interpretation of roots music. Featuring more of the smoking hot picking, intricate yet explosive improvised jams, and constantly evolving sound that has come to define this unique group, 'Vol. 2' is not just for Cornmeal fans, but for anyone with an ear for passionate performance and honest musicianship. -Herschel Concepcion

Track List: 1.Johnny Put Down Your Gun listen
2.This Old Town listen
3.Shelter listen
4.That's That listen
5.Sooner Or Later listen
6.Drinking Away The Memory Of You listen
7.Troubled Land listen
8.Light At The End Of The Tunnel listen

Release date 11.29.2011