Cornmeal - Tales From Magic Stone Mountain

Slick bluegrass from the city of Chicago! Cornmeal's acoustic music is rife with traditional influences but buoyed by a stylish way of playing. Not too dusty but not overly modern, Cornmeal has created a lighthearted acoustic album for their second release. "Tales From Magic Stone Mountain" is as groovy and energetic as it is natural and traditional.

1- Midnight mp3
2- It Ain't Me mp3
3- The Chicken And The Egg mp3
4- Lost Love mp3
5- Stand Up mp3
6- Heaven On Time mp3
7- Long Gone mp3
8- Get Me Some mp3
9- Blue Line Express mp3
10- Praying For Rain mp3
11- Magic Stone Mountain Pt. 1 mp3
12- Evergreen mp3
13- Magic Stone Mountain Pt. 2 mp3