Primus - Hallucino-Genetics: Live 2004 DVD

The first concert dvd from Primus launches their new spin-off label, Frizzle Fry, Inc. Flimed at the last US show in June, 2004 at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago, this dvd captures the band at their live peak. The Hallucino-Genetics Tour this past summer culminated a year of hugely successful live performances for the original lineup of the band.

Set 1: Sgt. Baker, American Life, My Friend Fats, Jerry Was A Race Car Driver, The Last Superpower aka Rapscallion, My Name Is Mud

Set 2: (Frizzle Fry in its entirety) 1. To Defy The Laws Of Tradition, Groundhog's Day, Too Many Puppies, Mr. Knowitall, Frizzle Fry, John The Fisherman, You Can't Kill Michael Malloy, The Toys Go Winding Down, Pudding Time, Sathington Willoughby, Drum And Whamola Jam, Spegetti Western, Harold Of The Rocks, To Defy

Encore: The Pressman