Primus - Blame It On The Fish DVD

Blame It On The Fish is an abstract look at Primus' 2003 Reunion Tour. It presents a surreal view of the band's triumphant return, including live footage, interview segements, candid behind the scenes shots, and intense visual imagery. This is a sensory adventure pushing the limits of visual artistry.

The main feature is 70 minutes, and the DVD includes over 90 minutes of bonus material featuring a 30-minute documentary (set in the year 2065).

Performances Include:

Mr. Krinkle
Jerry Was A Racecar Driver
Southbound Pachyderm
Deanza Jig
Over The Electric Grapevine
Hello Skinny
Nature Boy
Mary The Ice Cube
Pilcher's Squad
American Life
Mr. Knowitall

Released 10/17/06