Zach Deputy - Wash It In The Water CD


Zach Deputy is a Georgia-based multi-instrumentalist. Best known for his one-of-a-kind live performances, Deputy's music is an exciting blend of practically every genre you can think of. Though he's adept at a number of instruments, perhaps Deputy's greatest strength is his vocals. Zach is equipped with a remarkable vocal range, effortlessly switches between vocal styles, and is a seriously skilled beatboxer. Wash It in the Water is Zach Deputy's 4th studio album to date, and incredibly, every instrument heard on the album is played by Deputy.

"Deputy has been making a huge name for himself in the southeastern US, particularly on the festival circuit and anywhere he can play, really, evidenced in his 1000+ shows in the last four years alone. For Wash It In The Water, Zach self-produced the record in spontaneous sessions that took place in studios, homes and even his own garage. The 11-track album represents a sunny and soulful new sound that cleverly fuses hip-hop, funk, folk and pop with soca and calypso rhythms." - Joshua Huver, GratefulWeb.Com

"When it comes to making music that causes toes to tap and smiles to spread wide, few do it as well as Zach Deputy has done on his new release, Wash It In The Water. Hailing from Savannah, GA, Deputy has always seemed more like an enchanted musical creature from some south sea island folklore than a flesh and blood man. Whatever his origin, one thing is certain: any new material from Zach Deputy is a reason to turn the volume dial as far as it will go, and clear space on the dance floor for the party sure to follow." - Rex Thomson, LiveForLiveMusic.Com

Track List:

  1. Wash It In The Water    4:00 listen
  2. Put It In The Boogie    3:43 listen
  3. Chevrolet    4:16 listen
  4. Scrambled Eggs    4:03 listen
  5. The Music    3:33 listen
  6. Edna    3:03 listen
  7. You Got It All    3:12 listen
  8. Loving You 3:36 listen
  9. Jump In The Water 3:42 listen
  10. Some Days Are Harder 4:14 listen
  11. It's All Right 5:42 listen