The Royal Noise - Unbreakable CD

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Philadelphia's premier jazz-funk collective has quickly established itself as a high energy, grooving crew. Drawing from vintage and contemporary influences alike, they are forging an ebullient fusion of sinewy funk, gritty jazz, psychedelic rock and live hip-hop elements with a distinctly southern flavor, reminiscent of funk fusion acts like Herbie Hancock, Lost Tribe, Lettuce and Mother Funk Conspiracy.

This is the group's second studio release, produced by Shane Baldwin at Elevated Basement in Savannah, GA. Their latest efforts feature infectious grooves, hypnotic melodies and an evolution in sonic textures, drawing influence from such acts as Frank Zappa and mid-period Herbie Hancock, as this "bunch of rhythm devils" (Brian Robbins, continues to redefine modern jazz-funk fusion.

Track List:
1. Bunot listen
2. Adirondack Tea listen
3. Orbital listen
4. Jumbling Towers listen
5. Fosters Flop listen
6. Dirt McGirt listen
7. Unbreakable listen
8. Fields of Green listen
9. Road Trip listen
10. Bop Devil listen
11. Tree Funk listen

Released in 2013