The Royal Noise - Keep On Moving CD

Philadelphia's premier jazz-funk collective has quickly established itself as a high energy, grooving crew. Drawing from vintage and contemporary influences alike, they are forging an ebullient fusion of sinewy funk, gritty jazz, psychedelic rock and live hip-hop elements with a distinctly southern flavor, reminiscent of funk fusion acts like Herbie Hancock, Lost Tribe, Lettuce and Mother Funk Conspiracy.

"Keep On Moving", the group's debut album, was funded by a Kickstarter fan campaign and recorded in a total of 4 days in the middle of a swampy summer in Savannah, GA. The result is a shape-shifting whirlwind of tireless grooves, catchy melodies, incessant experimentation and ever-evolving, earthy jams soaked in heavy East Coast funk.

Track List:
1. Be Yourself listen
2. Ten Fidy! listen
3. Ham Sandwich listen
4. Flying listen
5. Drop That Catfoot listen
6. Fish Grease (Don't Freeze) listen
7. Congress Street 2 a.m. listen
8. Back at the Bakery listen

Released January 2012