The Giving Tree Band - Unified Folk Theory (2 CDs)

The Giving Tree Band's 2007 double-disc set was manufactured in the most environmentally-friendly process currently available, at a wind-powered studio using recycled materials and nontoxic soy ink printing. 10 trees will be planted for every 1,000 units made and 1% from each sale will be donated to Hand In Hand USA.

The Giving Tree Band is a four-piece group of versatile Chicago-area musicians. Their sound is all acoustic, expanding from a variety of folk and roots traditions. The band has a very natural yet inventive approach to songwriting and music-making, which they use as a tool for investigating the mystery of life and understanding the human condition. These troubadours have creatively chronicled their own experiences, random thoughts, and deep feelings into a musical diary. By opening it freely, they hope to bring a little joy and inspiration to the lives of the listeners.

The Giving Tree Band's eclectic and unique brand of soulful folk is the collaboration of four friendly multi-instrumentalists. Bob Salihar adds appeal on acoustic guitar. Pat Burke brings brightness on mandolin. Todd Fink contributes color on banjo. Eric Fink delivers depth on upright bass. The players also incorporate other acoustic instruments such as slide dobro, dulcimer, ukulele, harmonica, harmonium, and cello. The band sings in four part harmony with each member taking his turn as lead vocalist.

Disc One:
One Life At A Time [3:22] mp3
Do It Well [4:15] mp3
Sunshine Baby [4:34] mp3
West Coast [2:52] mp3
Recess [5:48] mp3
Honey Bee [3:34] mp3
Nothing At All [2:17] mp3
True Love [4:06] mp3
How Can You Know [6:57]
Room Full Of Boxes [3:45]
Shadow Puppet [4:15]
Alabama Road [4:15]
Oh My Mind [3:14]
Focus On Change [2:39]
All My Life [4:22]
Crooked Creek Crawl [4:19]
Don't Say Goodbye [4:01]

Disc Two:
Wild Girl [1:42]
Complete [3:41]
Guardian Angel [2:15]
Riddle Of Love [3:53]
Hit The Road [2:22]
Idle Company [4:21]
Where Am I? [4:58]
That Don't Make It Easier [3:30]
Ever Since The Day [2:57]
Lonesome Road [4:59]
Reflections [4:34]
Soulbird [3:20]
Wheel Man [4:46]
Freedom [4:09]
Nada Yajna [3:26]
Blessed Are The Peacemakers [4:53]

Released 2007