Giving Tree Band - Great Possessions CD

The Giving Tree Band's Great Possessions mirrors the timeless qualities of the folk-rock greats without sparing the quality arrangements and production of modern indie rock. Dubbed by the Chicago Sun-Times as "the greenest of albums," this 18-song collection augments its natural sound with carbon-neutral productionaEU"100% solar-powered recording sessions, 100% recycled paperboard case, and biodegradable shrink wrap.

Track Listing:
1 Peace On The Mountain (3:38)2 Teaspoon Of Sugar (3:00)3 Mother Divinity (3:37)4 That's The Time (4:37)5 The Stream (4:09)6 Just One Thing (3:35)7 Mirror Of The Sea (4:34)8 Together (2:50)9 Rack Up (2:28)10 Early To Bed (3:50)11 Pegged (3:01)12 Price Of Your Advice (3:46)13 Barefoot Brothers (3:45)14 Guest House (2:29)15 Light From The Sun (4:37)16 All That's Left (4:50)17 Hard Life To Live (6:28)18 Only Good (6:20)

Release date August 18, 2009