Sol Driven Train - Underdog CD

This 10-song collection strives to capturethe energy of this Charleston, SC band's dynamic live show whileserving as a culmination of their years together on the road andin the studio. The result is Sol Driven Train's most concise andsong-oriented album to date. Averaging 150 live dates per year,Sol Driven Train will support the release of Underdog with aheavy 2013 schedule of festival, club, and radio appearances.

Fully funded with fan support through Kickstarter andrecorded at Charleston Sound, Underdog features a cast ofCharleston guest musicians including 2012 American Idol finalistElise Testone. The album explores the diverse components ofsounds found in American roots music; from the gritty guitar rocklicks of the opening title track, and the blues-tinged swing of"Changed Mind" and "I Do Declare," to the lightheared,observational lyrics laden with big brass hooks of "Guest List,""Fuego Fuego, and "Lady from Chiang Mai."

Underdog is laced with consistent themes of "striving forbalance within ourselves and our relationships at home," saysco-frontman and guitarist Joel Timmons. "The pursuit of ourcollective musical dreams and the need to cultivate healthyrelationships and lifestyles at home are at the heart of many ofthe songs on Underdog. Struggle, spiritual growth, love, andlonging are all intertwined and influenced the writing on thisnew album. We're proud of the result of these challenges and wehope to inspire the underdog within every listener."

Track List:
1. Underdog listen
2. Cherry Trees listen
3. Nightwinds listen
4. Guest List listen
5. Changed Mind listen
6. Samantha Marie listen
7. One More Day listen
8. I Do Declare listen
9. Fuego! Fuego! listen
10. Lady From Chiang Mai listen

Released 02.05.2013