Sol Driven Train - Tajar Tracks 2 CD

We have a lot of kids at our community and festival performances. says Joel Timmons, singer, guitarist and songwriter with the group, "It is the coolest thing to see kids and parents sharing our music. The music business can be sort of soul-less at times. So seeing kids and parents rocking and dancing to our tunes is really heartwarming."

January 13 marks the release of Sol Driven Train's second children's record, Tajar Tracks Two. Recorded over a summer break at Camp Gwen Valley, where Timmons was volunteering, Tajar Tracks Two takes up where the first Tajar Tracks left off, presenting a bevy of new sing along tunes for parents and kids alike.

"The first Tajar Tracks was voted Best Children's Album of 2005 in South Carolina," says Timmons."After the release and obvious success of our first record for children, we wanted to get back to Gwen Valley and record again as soon as possible. But our constant tour schedule didn't leave alot of holes to get back to the camp and record with the kids. This year, we made it a priority to spend time at Gwen Valley again and get Tajar Tracks Two out before the new year."

1 Free to Be You and Me mp3
2 Oh Susannah mp3
3 Teddy Bear Picnic mp3
4 Pig in a Pen mp3
5 Mole in the Ground mp3
6 Rocky Top mp3
7 I've Been Working on the Railroad mp3
8 Tree Song mp3
9 Musikander mp3
10 Head and Shoulders mp3
11 Lean on Me mp3
12 Long John Song mp3
13 People Now Our Meeting is Over mp3