Sol Driven Train - Lighthouse CD

Recorded in some of the most beautiful locales in America, Sol Driven Train's Lighthouse reflects the peaceful surroundings that birthed it. The album is full of the easygoing, down-to-earth roots rock that the band has become known for, and it's a refreshing breeze of coolness in the dark, hot musical world of today. Hints of horns mingle with catchy tunes that are touched with elements of jam rock, world music, and singer/songwriter composition.

1- Don't Wear Black mp3
2- Circle Song #2 mp3
3- Lighthouse mp3
4- Friend of Mercy mp3
5- Stevie Song mp3
6- Bank's Waltz mp3
7- The Cave mp3
8- Intravenous mp3
9- Santa Fe
10- Sullivan's Island

Released April 2008