Sol Driven Train - Dance CD


"With the album DANCE! we have put on our boogie shoes.  These songs are intended to lift spirits and spread smiles.  Push back the furniture, crank up the volume, and move your body to the beat!" - SDT

DANCE! is one of those albums that will make everyone jump for joy. Stylistically it bounces from reggae to jazz, from folk rock to jam band styles, and the band navigates the winding road with a sonic playfulness. Their vocal melodies and harmonies recall the genius of Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys, while their musicianship has a strong resemblance to the bands of James Brown and Paul Simon.  While the album offers fun beats and witty lyrics, it also gives some insight into the band members' personal lives.

Old-school fans of the band will enjoy Joel’s contributions like “Coconut Tree” and “Greyhound Station,” written on a sailboat during an epic around-the-world trip in 2003-2004.  “Gravity” and “Everest” are songs of Ward’s that were written during the band’s 2008 Lighthouse sessions and while these songs weren’t included in that album, they are incredibly personal. Multi-instrumentalist Ward has celebrated five years of sobriety, and his clarity combined with the musical maturity of the current lineup has given new life to these live show standards.  

“Crazy Dancer,” “Lobstamandaughta,” and “Big Easy Walk” are danceable tunes reflecting Joel’s gratitude to the people and places that they have visited over the course of 15 years.  The album closes with a stripped down a Capella number, “Altitude,” where all six members sing and play body percussion in a doo-wop style love song. You can hear the warm breeze in their harmonizing voices.

Track Listing:

  1. Crazy Dancer listen
  2. Coconut Tree listen
  3. Lobstamandaughta listen
  4. Big Easy Walk listen
  5. Sleeping People listen
  6. Hot Pies listen
  7. Everest listen
  8. Fool in the Rain listen
  9. Greyhound Station listen
  10. Gravity listen
  11. Altitude listen

Release Date: 03.17.15