Passafire - Vines CD

Passafire is back with their fifth studio album, Vines. Vines is the band's debut release for leading reggae label Easy Star Records. Since the 2011 release of their chart-topping (#1 Billboard and iTunes Reggae) album Start From Scratch, the Savannah, GA-based quartet continues to raise their profile to the top of the exploding U.S. reggae scene.

Much of Vines was recorded just outside of El Paso, TX at the legendary Sonic Ranch Studios, the largest residential recording studio complex in the world. Acts as diverse as Animal Collective, Sublime, Gogol Bordello, and Band of Horses have all shared the unique facilities and atmosphere where the new album was recorded. It was finished in the band's own home studio, which allowed for a much more relaxed, off the clock approach to the final sessions. After the recording was completed, Passafire worked with Paul Leary (of the Butthole Surfers), who produced their last album, to nail down the final mixes. Leary's impressive resume includes work with Sublime, Pepper, Slightly Stoopid, U2, Meat Puppets, and Daniel Joh nston, to name a few. Vines is Passafire's most ambitious release to date, thanks in large part to the focus of the current line-up - singer/guitarist Ted Bowne, drummer Nick Kubley, bassist/vocalist Will Kubley and keyboardist Mike DeGuzman. The results find its makers at a creative peak combined with a comfort level on stage and in the studio that Passafire has never achieved before. Early critical praise of Vines is already coming in, with The Pier enthusiastically stating, "...the tracks have a maturity and depth to them, traits gained only by working out material together on the road."

Release date 11.12.2013