New Riders of the Purple Sage - Where I Come From CD

An American psychedelic classic featuring songs written with Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter.

Woodstock Records has just released the first studio CD in over 20 years by The New Riders of the Purple Sage. This legendary band's renaissance began four years ago and continues today. The CD, "Where I Come From" features 12 new songs of which seven were written by David Nelson and Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter. Also included are "Carl Perkins Wears The Crown", an ode to the rockabilly king.Two live show favorites "Higher" and "Olivia Rose" are on here as well as a cover of "Minglewood Blues." Featuring art work by famed San Francisco artist Stanley Mouse, "Where I Come From" is psychedelic Americana at its finest.

Track Listing/Features:
* Where I Come From
* Big Six
* Barracuda Moon
* Higher
* Down The Middle
* Them Old Minglewood Blues
* Something In The Air Tonight
* Olivia Rose
* Blues Barrel
* Ghost Train Blues
* Carl Perkins Wears The Crown
* Rockin' With Nona

Release date 06.02.2009