New Riders of the Purple Sage - 17 Pine Avenue CD

This new CD features 12 new songs, 7 of which were written by David Nelson and Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter. This legendary band's renaissance began seven years ago and continues to grow today with over 100 shows annually to audiences throughout the United States and Canada. 17 Pine Avenue is psychedelic Americana at its finest.

Track List:
1. Prisoner of Freedom listen
2. Message in a Bottle listen
3. Fivio listen
4. Just The Way It Goes listen
5. 17 Pine Avenue listen
6. Down for The Ride listen
7. No Time listen
8. Shake That Thing listen
9. Suite at the Mission listen
10. I Know There's Someone Else listen
11. Six of One listen
12. Truth Is Dead listen

Release date 03.06.2012