New Riders of the Purple Sage - The Lost Broadcasts DVD

"In addition to Nelson, Dawson (on acoustic guitar), and Garcia (continuing to play pedal steel), the original line-up of the band that came to be known as the New Riders of the Purple Sage (a nod to the Zane Grey classic and the western swing combo from the 1940s led by Foy Willing) consisted of Robert Hunter on electric bass and Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart. Hunter was soon replaced by Bob Matthews, before Phil Lesh of the Grateful Dead was named bassist. The most well-known version of the New Riders, referred to as the "core" by many, was Dawson, Nelson, Dave Torbert on bass, Spencer Dryden on drums, and Buddy Cage, who joined the band after about a year and a half and replaced Jerry Garcia on pedal steel."

The band in various incarnations toured supporting The Grateful Dead in the early 1970s, but by 1971 the last of the Grateful Dead alumni had left and Spencer Dryden late of Jefferson Airplane had joined on drums. The songs on this DVD come from 29th May 72, apart from the last version of Truck Driving Man which is dated 29th June 72.

1. (Sound check and Tune) 1min 16 secs
2. Truck Drivin' Man 3min 09
3. Hello Mary Lou 3min 22
4. Rainbow 4min 41
5. California Day 4min 05
6. I don't need no Doctor 6min 53
7. Truck Drivin' Man 3min 12

Release date 02.12.13