Les Racquet - Whale Hail CD


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Les Racquet is an indie rock power trio with three-part vocal harmonies and virtuosic musicianship. This album was recorded as a retrospective representation of the first year as a touring band, from the gypsy life style and living out of a suitcase, to the serene moments that remind us of our humanistic spirituality, and for all the celebrations and hardships. For that, we stand up and proclaim, "Whale Hail!"

Track List:
1. Palm Tree Night listen
2. Old Man Reefer listen
3. Queen listen
4. Lone Relative listen
5. Lady Luck listen
6. Potluck Wedding listen
7. Wasting Time listen
8. Devil Girl listen
9. Haiku listen
10. Zumi listen
11. Daydreams listen
12. Sum It up (In Words) listen
13. Amelie listen
14. High Fidelity listen

Release date 04.16.2013