Les Racquet CD

Les Racquet is an indie rock power trio with three-part vocal harmonies and virtuosic musicianship. The trio performs songs that peak the interest of learned musicians and mainstream listeners alike.

The group conveys energy and vitality on stage by unleashing bursts of rock n' roll improv around intimate vocal moments and prides itself on an ability to entertain fans from all backgrounds.

Track List:
1. Kids@War.gov 03:21 listen
2. I'm Not Trying 04:05 listen
3. Lose Your Head 03:01 listen
4. 3:10 AM 04:06 listen
5. Man Will Do 03:38 listen
6. Rotations 01:14 listen
7. Obviously 03:33 listen
8. Flight On Hold 02:44 listen
9. America's New Sound 02:28 listen

Released in 2011.